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Maui Ninjutsu -  The Art of Distance the Art of the Ninja
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Ghost Blade School, LLC is a Martial Arts School, specialized in Authentic Ninjutsu.  The only Authentic Ninjutsu Martial Arts in Maui County.  Ninjutsu is a father of all martial arts.  Our school offers a Dynamic and Authentic Ninja Fighting System.  We train in battle proven techniques, geared for real life combat and unfailing self-defense.  We teach and promote self development and diamond self-confidence and awareness to carry us all throughout life.  We promote and educate personal responsibility, life values moral decision making as well as our conservation/preservation of the environment.  We work on flawless trade for trade fighting scenarios that open minds a thousand different ways nothing else can even come close to.  We are NINJA.  
Ghost Blade School LLC, has Online Training, Online Merchandising on demand Apparels and Training Gear as well as light inventory.  We have available Local and International Exhibition shows, Live-Action Plays, Short Movie Production, National and International Seminars, Private VIP Protection Services, Body Guarding, Proof of Life Contracts, Private Contracts, Information gathering, Information Service, Boot Camps & Security Consultants.

Our School began it's operation, Nov. 2014 in Maui and started with 5 students. Our School currently have 25 active students in Maui.  Our trainings are outdoors any weather in various parks and beaches. We were founded in Homer, Alaska in 2003 by Jonathan Allen, 14th DAN and Mosha Wilkinson, 15th HBDN and for the purposes to have a battle proven self-defense martial arts fighting system that works in nearly any contention, and keep kids off the streets & off drugs.  Provide a safe environment to grow stronger and be more beneficial to our communities.

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Mr. Allen, began training at early age of 4 years old.  Holding Black Belts, 3rd DAN in Karate, 1st DAN American Bujinkan Ninjutsu, Black Belt GDN Ninjitsu, Fight Instructor, SYSTEMA Instructor, KRAV MAGA Instructor, Former U.S. NAY, Former Agent of NSA (KidsSafe), EMT1, Orange Sash in Gung-Fu, 14th DAN ABDN.

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Hip toss pointers
Koshi nage
Maui, Hi

 Ninja class is Rain or Shine & don't be late!

Hours:7am-8pm Tuesdays - Saturdays 

Tuesday- Friday  7-9 am Waiehee Park, Wailuku Maui, HI
Tuesday- Wednesday 4-6pm Launipoko Beach Park Lahaina Maui, HI
Thursday-Saturday 4-6pm Keopulani Park Kahului Maui, HI
Suirenjutsu ( water training ) TBA (to be announced ) Saturdays 
All training sites are subjected to change.

All enrolled student(s)roll call is no later thanMonday night 8pm Hawaii Pacific time.

Open classes or class scheduling can be done by phone, email, or in person. M-F
 see you on the mat!


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