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GBSSW was founded in Homer Alaska in 2003 by Shihan Jonathan Allen
for the purposes to have a battle proven self defense martial arts fighting system that works in nearly any contention. Our martial art is a conglomeration of various arts, ninjutsu, systema, krav maga, kung fu, karate, but not limited to. Ghost Blade is not just a self defense martial art either, although we push those perimeters. Our style deals with realistic street attacks devastating diamond defenses , weapon attack disarms, offensive fighting w/ without weapons, multiple attackers, ground fighting, sentry removal, stealth, submissions, bone breaking, joint locks holds / throws,firearms training, survival tactics, combat awareness, combat tactics. We have combined traditional old style ninjutsu with SKH modern approach to ninjutsu, along with Ghost Blades ideals.

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Mr. Allen started training in martial arts at the early age of 4years old.
With over 34years of martial arts experience in various styles , though mostly the art of Ninjutsu. Shihan Jonathan Allen hold various ranks in other martial arts 3rd degree black belt in shoin ryu shito ryu karate, 1st degree black belt GDN ninjitsu, 10th DAN BDNN ninjutsu. Instructor in F.I.G.H.T. , Owner founder of Ghost blade school of shadow warriors 2003.
We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best martial arts training path and service in the industry.
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Maui, Hi

Monday - Saturday / Saturdays open class at Kanaha Beach park 9am-7pm All class is held at public schools and beaches unless scheduled by students or attendees.

Open classes or class scheduling can be done by phone, email, or in person.
 see you on the mat!

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